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Little Bugz kids clubhouse

Add:667 Changhua Rd



If your little one loves to play and read, the Little Bugz Kids Clubhouse will be a place they’ll want to visit again and again.

Decorated in bright white and blue hues, Little Bugz features amusement facilities and a wide selection of children’s books. There’s a jungle gym covering over 500 square-meters, as well as ball pits, swings, slides and blocks. 

the kids clubhouse.jpg

There is also an EyePlay virtual playground where children can interact with colorful graphics.

Weekly classes are available at the clubhouse. There are Lego classes every Monday, coffee Playdates every Tuesday, bilingual lessons every Sunday. There will also be a special handicraft and painting activity to celebrate the coming Children’s Day.

For parent’s, there’s a cafe lounge near the play area where you can relax while your child enjoys themselves.