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Red Cate

Add:465 Wanhangdu Rd

Tel:021-6248 9396


There are several Red Cate eateries in Shanghai, but the one on Wanhangdu Road is where it all started. Decorated in red, the restaurant continues to serve special dishes from Sichuan Province. 

The skewered meat here is hot and spicy. Chicken wings, lamb and beef are must-tries. For vegetables, chives, potatoes and garlic sprouts are a good choice. 

Red Cate.jpg

Another menu highlight here is stewed pork knuckle, a popular Sichuan dish. The pork knuckle comes stewed with kidney beans and will melt in your mouth without being greasy. Pork with garlic sauce and grilled eggplant are also tasty.

Set lunch is available here, and from time to time, there are free tasting sessions.