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Golden Eleven

Add:379 Hengfeng Rd

Tel:021-6107 5078


With fresh ingredients, innovative cooking style, elegant layout design, and nice dining environment and services, Golden Eleven promises you a new taste on traditional Cantonese food. 


“What makes us stand out from the other Cantonese restaurants is the ingredient,” says Chef Tao who has more than 40 years cooking experience. “Since I start my career, I keep going to the market to choose the ingredients every morning before working to make sure the quality of the dishes.”


Walking into the restaurant, you will be excited to find some modern and traditional Hong Kong elements with creative art décor. The mascot, Golden Eleven lion, can be seen everywhere including plates, packing boxes and napkins.


Chef Tao makes lots of innovations on traditional Cantonese food. You must be confused with the “ostrich egg” on the menu. Just order it and you won’t be regret.


You will be surprised to knock the “egg” and find juicy shrimps and other seafood. The ingredients have been marinated with salt, white spirit, scallion and ginger for half an hour. Then, they are coated with a layer of soy bean sauce and cook in a pot with spices and seasonings for three and a half hours.


Another highlight is the Golden fired chicken. Having been seasoned for eight hours, the chickens are strictly chosen according to weight and shape. When you have a bite, the juice and crispy skin won’t make you be disappointed.


You can also have a try on steamed crab with glutinous rice, beef and mushroom clay pot with home-made sauce, steamed fish head and pork and radish soup.


The meal will not be finished with a dessert. The fruit pudding, tiramisu and red bean ice cream are ideal choices.