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Julia Gabriel School (Pudong Campus)

Add:1F, Bldg 5, 1550 Zhangyang Road

Tel:021-5882 1289/400 176 8084



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


It specializes in EduDrama®, a teaching methodology developed by its founder Julia Gabriel.

Using drama to foster learning through interaction and active involvement, EduDrama® engages children in using and extending their language, communication, knowledge and strengths.

Parent accompanied classes here are offered twice a week, each lasting for at least 90 minutes. Classes include free play, a drama activity, snack time, music time and outdoor play. Parents can choose English or Chinese as the language of instruction.

“The parent accompanied classes here are different from others. Every aspect of the lesson is meaningful and well thought” said Francesca Chan, director of Julia Gabriel School. “For example, free play at the beginning gives children the opportunity to be familiar with the environment, and teachers will talk and engage with every child  in the class; snack time requires children to learn to sit at the table with their friends and enjoy snacks.”

Each parent accompanied class will have no more than 10 to 12 children with two teachers. Teachers will play live music on the guitar or keyboardduring music time.

Julia Gabriel School is a kindergarten that provides early education classes and day-care service. In 1980, British founder Julia Gabriel began the school from a small garage in Singapore. Over 30 years of development, the brand has opened schools across Asia.

In 2007, Julia Gabriel opened her first China school in Shanghai, and then a second school opened in Pudong in 2015. Another school will open in the Qiantan area of Pudong next year.

Method: EduDrama®

Price: Around 500 yuan/each parent accompanied class/90 minutes; around 12,000 yuan/month for day care