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Mei Qing Lin’an


The newly-opened Mei Qing Lin’an Restaurant looks like a Jiangnan “old town” in the regions in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Delta. Walking over a stone bridge, you can see many traditional yellow wine jars, ivy-covered arches, antiques, bonsai and ponds. Starting with a bottle of sweet-scented osmanthus fermented glutinous rice wine, you can first try the seasonal soup heduxiana. Here, the chef puts fresh black fungus, green lettuce and river shrimp.

The pan-fried eggs mixed with leek shoots and sliced yellow croaker meat is one of the most popular choices. Niangao (glutinous rice cake) is cooked with bamboo shoots, salted vegetable and shredded pork.

Other dishes include roasted chicken, hongshaorou (red-braised pork belly) and stir-fried shrimp.