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Yishengtang Rock Bath

Add:1446 Hongqiao Rd


Yishengtang rock bath is gaining more and more popularity in Shanghai.

The bath center is divided into two areas: a lounge area with no electronic device and a non-talk steam room. 


The staff there will explain how to properly bath with hour glass to count the time for customers inside the steam room. Customers can bath two to four times: 15 minutes for the first time, 10 minutes for the second after a drinking and relaxing time, and then 5 minutes for the following.

The steam room’ s floor is covered with natural volcanic rocks and  cobble stones. There are separate stone beds inside the room and the staff will first use “water cannons” to pour the specialized “mineral water” on the bed surface and use the warm stone bags to pressure on customers’ shoulder, ankle, knees and belly. 


For the first time entering the 44 degrees Celsius steam room, many people might find it hard to bear the heat. However once they get used to the temperature, you will find the goods behind when sweating. Many positive recovery feedback are received from the customers who suffered from the bad cold and chronic laryngopharyngitis. In the lounge area, there’s free lemon juice and two types of free healthy porridge provided.

The founder, Zhong, who has been in Japan for 18 years said that she was inspired by the scene of many patients who keep coming to rock bath centers in Japan, and started to import 15-ton volcanic rocks by sea from Japan to Shanghai. She aims to make this as a healing treatment bath center instead of those recreational ones.