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Casa Di Sorbetto

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The one-month old Casa Di Sorbetto has 12 flavors, half gelato and half sorbet. However, its innovative recipes have given classic Chinese desserts a fresh new identity.

Chilled mango sago cream & pomelo (杨枝甘露), the classic Cantonese dessert, now has a posh gelato version with bird’s nest. The pomelo is replaced by pinky bits of grapefruits, whose bittersweet taste balances the sweetness of mango.

Dried logans and red dates are two most popular ingredients in Chinese desserts. Its ice cream combo has a refreshing taste due to the sorbet texture. If you love the date flavor, it will be the one for you.

Alcohol always goes well with raspberries. Raspberry Red Wine sorbet contains 5 percent red wine, giving an extra winey fruity note to this sorbet. The taste of wine is not so obvious but detectable.

The dark green gelato displayed in the freezer is actually made with Oolong tea. Brewed from fine tea leaves ground at a low temperature, the color subverts the typical impression of Oolong tea. The gelato tastes smooth and much firmer than normal gelatos due to the replacement of cream with fresh milk in the recipe. The strong Oolong tea flavor makes it a great alternative to matcha.

All ice creams are produced on site. Freshly made waffle cones are much thicker than you would expect, free upon ice cream purchase.

A single scoop costs 25 yuan while double costs 35 yuan. The chilled mango bird’s nest cream & pomelo are charged differently.

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