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Brocade Country

Add:616 Julu Rd

Tel:021-6279 2677

Time:10:30am - 7pm

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Filled with exotic and extraordinary Miao embroidery, the 40-square-meter Brocade Country is a hidden gem on Julu Road. The artistically pleasing products, rich in color and design, are peculiar to the Miao ethnic group living in southwest China's Guizhou Province. It usually features exaggerated figures based on observations by Miao women of objects in their culture and daily lives, such as flowers and birds, resulting in an artistic abstraction rich in aesthetic value. The owner travels to her hometown in Guizhou every three months to collect embroidered items. However, the number of Miao masters has been decreasing as fewer young people wear their traditional costumes. Most pieces at Brocade Country are collector's items and can cost as high as 8,000 yuan (US$1,181) for costumes and 4,000 yuan for extraordinary embroidered fabrics. A visit to Brocade Country can offer a better and deeper understanding of Miao embroidery; items range in size and price and the fabric is easy to slip into a tourist's suitcase.

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