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EDM Café

Add:348 Jianguo Rd W.

Tel:150 2150 5106


Credit Cards Accepted


Against the clear summer sky, the blue-gray tinted building still stands out from the traditional residential community on Jianguo Road West. Its occupier, EDM Café, has gained a lot of attention online for its neat modern décor and a lovely rooftop terrace.

The blue-white themed terrace has been popular among guests though it charges for professional photography and filming. Well, the entry to the terrace is a minimum spending of 88 yuan per person.

The first floor of the café features a spacious seating area, embraced by an L-shaped array of individual seats by French windows. Some individual rooms on the second and third floors are for private rentals like meetings and offices for SOHO workers, while others are served as fully equipped guesthouses.

Offering a wide range of coffee and tea with a selection of cakes and light meals, the café can be a great place for a high-tea get-together with friends or a weekend morning brunch. Light meals like sandwiches, salads, and pastas are freshly prepared and made in the kitchen hidden at the back.

Desserts are outsourced but it’s highly recommended you try its cheeseballs (4 yuan each) if you look for some smaller treats going with coffee. In a mouthful size, the mini dessert has a strong cheese taste. Raspberry cheesecake pie (28 yuan) is a combo of cheesecake and dessert pie. The shortcake crust is filled with heavy cream cheese, dried raspberries and chopped walnuts. The filling tastes playful yet still quite sweet, though it goes well with an Americano (30 yuan). The house blend uses four different beans: Guatemala, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Sidamo, and Chinese Yunnan.

Opened for only seven months, EDM Café has another establishment already on Wuyuan Road, where its management company is located.