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Tanci Patisserie leads sweet and romantic summer

Add:469 Wusheng Rd

Tel:156 9213 4007



Tanci Patisserie sits quietly on Wusheng Road. An air of elegance emanates from the glass store-front, making it easily mistaken for a jewelry store.

But open the door, and one instead finds a small patisserie, furnished with understated vintage French furniture, cushioned in shades of blue and framed in gold. Similar gold-framed mirrors adorn the walls, which are painted with blocks of blue on white. The marble back wall, behind the counter, is decorated by the store’s large cursive name in gold. The cafe is exceptionally well-lit, giving it a welcoming air along with its stylish decor and romantic ambience.


Despite its size, the cafe is known for its delicate French pastries. Among these is the chef-recommended praline mille feuille. The classic French dessert is composed of three pieces puff pastry (each composed of 486 fragile layers) filled with a semi-sweet caramel hazelnut mousse. The crispy pastry melts in the mouth, allowing the airy cream mousse to dissolve on the tongue. Somehow, it is neither too sweet nor heavy, the pastry balancing out the mousse perfectly. 

In addition, the cafe serves a number of signature fruit- and flower-flavored desserts. “Le Rose” in particular uses top-tier Japanese rose dew to create an intoxicating rose mousse. Not only does the dessert capture the look and taste of a rose, it also manages to convey the unique fragrance of the flower. A refreshing lychee jelly in the middle brings a touch of tartness to the dessert, making it perfect for the summer.

Other popular choices include a decadent toffee dulcey, Japanese mont-blanc — a traditional technique applied to imported Japanese chestnuts, and a double cheese tarte with contrasting textures and topped with flower petals. Each dessert is served on a gold dish with gold utensils, decorated with a disk bearing the patisserie’s name. 

The cafe also serves an afternoon tea platter and a range teas — from British Earl Grey to Japanese matcha — to complement the pastries.