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Shanghai Binhai Forest Park

Add:5366 Dongda Highway

Tel:021-5829 3030


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As  one of the city’s largest suburban forest parks, it covers around 3.58 million square meters and is located near Shanghai Binhai Golf course in Pudong new area.

The park provides visitors with a wide open place for sightseeing, recreation and education.For pets, it also a good place for them to run about and play.

The park retains a lot of beautiful ecological scenery and it highlights the wildness and the original flavor of nature.

It provides a comfortable and natural space for visitors to relax and escape from the high pressure of work. 

All kinds of outdoor events are offered here, such as rowing, fishing, riding, having a barbecue, cycling, playing golf and enjoying an aquashow.

Take your lovely pets to enjoy the charm of the nature!