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Art enlightenment center touchBOX launched its opening activity on August 24, leaders of the company, media guests and families with membership attended the ceremony.


During the activity, children tried to create their own art works with dots, the representative elements of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, under the guidance of Luo Guanting, art director of touchBOX. Their works were later shown, and impressed people a lot.



TouchBOX dedicates to inspiring the art potential of kids from 3 to 8 and popularizing art education. It puts emphasis on parents’ accompanying, aiming to make changes in the process of art creation jointly completed by children and parents. “Parents are the best teachers, we want to open children’s minds while creating harmonious family atmospheres.” Said Song Hairong, general manager of touchBOX.


I myself also learned a lot from touchBOX.” said a parent, “In the past, I bought my child toys and took him to amusement parks, but rarely spent time accompanying him. Now I would like to take art lessons with him, we can create our art works together, having a meaningful family time.”



To achieve targets, several dozen experts with experiences of children’s art education for more than twenty years were teamed up to design original art lessons for children at different phases, creating a new pattern for art enlightening education. With the faith in that every child is born to be an artist, touchBOX keeps tapping children’ art potential step by step.


With opening of two-child policy, parents’ need for preschool education is growing alongside with the number of newborns. Next, touchBOX is planning to broaden its business as well, sincerely welcoming more partners to join.