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Shanghai Min(L'Avenue branch)

Add:4/F, 99 Xianxia Rd

Tel:400-8209 777

Time:11am-10pm, daily

Credit Cards Accepted


Established in 1987, Shanghai Min has been dedicating in authentic Shanghai delicacy for 30 years, putting a twist on traditional local dishes, uptaking advantages of other cuisine while keeping its own merit, therefore makes the brand well known.

Now, some of the must-haves are all in its special season menu of Teacher Appreciation Dinner for the upcoming Teacher’s Day.

Steamed hilsa herring with wine can never be out outdated. A whole hilsa herring steamed with Jinhua ham and 15-year Huadiao yellow wine combines aroma of rice wine and flavor of meat. Hidden fat under scales makes it the best part of hilsa herring, tastes crisp and tasteful.

Black truffle, one of world’s top-class food materials, now will be cooked in a Shanghainese way. Fired with well-selected river shrimp, the unique flavor of truffle is perfectly balanced with slight sweetness of shrimp.

Hongshaorou is one of the most famous dishes in Shanghai Min, also a typical Shanghai style: Tasty with thick sauce. Pork with fat and lean gently simmered with rock candy, soy sauce and rice wine, creating a soft and juicy mouthfeel without being too oily.

Shanghai Min has been holding the belief that to represent Shanghai culture through classic dishes. Environments in the restaurants integrate modern elements of Shanghai, creating an atmosphere for enjoying delicious food together with old-style local songs.

In future, Shanghai Min will keep surprising customers’ tones with the insist on offering the purest Shanghai taste.