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GREYBOX Coffee held a sharing session for coffee fans

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GREYBOX Coffee recently held a sharing session for coffee fans in Shanghai, inviting the champion of 2016 World Brewers Cup Tetsu Kasuya to talk about his methods and idea of making coffee. 

Kasuya has his own opinion on selecting coffee beans, roast coffee beans and brewing coffee. On the sharing meeting, he showed the way he did to win the championship in 2016 for the audience, and introduced his tricks to make a cup of specialty coffee at home.



After studying all kinds of methods of brewing coffee, Kasuya now believes that perfect coffee is possible to be brewed without any complicated techniques. He created a special coffee making method, dividing the process of coffee extraction into ten steps to balance the taste of sweet and sour and adjust its intense flavor according to individual’s preference. In this way, the coffee made by Kasuya looks quite clear yet with flavorful aftertaste.

Even though Kasuya has won an international championship, he never stopped exploring new breakthroughs. His focus and concentration on coffee drove him to join GREYBOX Coffee with his original method.

GREYBOX Coffee is a specialty coffee brand belongs to Roseonly group found, leading the third generation of specialty coffee in China, and it has been dedicated in brewing coffee and spread the culture of specialty coffee since founding.

GREYBOX Coffee’s insist on specialty coffee actually starts from the very beginning, coffee beans. The baristas of GREYBOX Coffee carefully select coffee beans all around the world, only choose from those scored more than 90 points by Specialty Coffee Association of America, then adjust the proportion of different coffee beans through repeated brewing experiments to find the best recipes.

Therefore, the coffee made by GREYBOX Coffee is far more than the integration of the top coffee beans, water, milk and time, but be full of its passion and faith. With its spirit, GREYBOX Coffee has already won a great number of fans, including professional baristas, coffee fans, investors and celebrities.

Good reputation among the customers and the trust from world champion represent GREYBOX Coffee’s sincerity of making coffee. Those who love coffee would find out how they treat every cup of coffee with heat and soul.

So far, GREYBOX Coffee has opened its cafes in urban cores of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing  and other cities, decorated mainly with wood and mental, offering specialty coffee and top-class service.