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Mei Qing Lin’an Restaurant

Add:1/F, 333 Tianyaoqiao Rd

Tel:021-6115 2758


Credit Cards Accepted


Mei Qing Lin’an Restaurant looks like a Jiangnan “old town” in the regions in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Delta. Walking over a stone bridge, you can see many traditional yellow wine jars, ivy-covered arches, antiques, bonsai and ponds. 

This autumn, the restaurant offers you a new seasonal food menu. Starting with a bottle of sweet-scented osmanthus fermented glutinous rice wine, you can first try the roasted salt crab. And as the Chinese pay particular attention to the timing of ingredients, October is the best time to enjoy the female hairy crabs, while the male crabs mature a littler later in November. Chrysanthemum or osmanthus flower teas are the beverage of the season that also works well with the hairy crabs, bringing out the sweetness and umami flavor from the crabs and cleansing the palate with the light aromas.

Another highlight is dongporou (braised pork) with chestnuts and eggs. The chef puts home-made sauce onto the pork and adds a twist of taste.

Here you can try the West Lake vinegar fish, with fish directly from the lake without going to Hangzhou. The restaurant gets the selected fish exclusively to supply it with fresh grass carp. The fish is starved for two days to ensure it is clean. For the dish, it is quickly boiled in water, with cooking wine, soy sauce, and grated ginger. It is set aside while the broth is mixed with sugar, vinegar and starch. This sauce is then poured over the fish.

For the comfort food, try the seafood fried noodle with a palate of fresh seafood including shrimps, baby octopus, clams and salmon.

With the average price of around 80 yuan (US$12), it is worth trying for family reunion or friends chatting.