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The Shanghai Wu Fang Zhai

Add:136 Sichuan Rd. M.

Tel:021-6329 4529


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The restaurant Shanghai Wu Fang Zhai has a history of over 151 years, having been established in 1858. It now has five branches in the city, the newest opening last week on Yunnan Road S. Its name "Wu Fang" is derived from it's signature pastries flavored with five different natural herb perfumes: rose, sweet osmanthus, piny flower, lotus and water lily. The restaurant is famous for making seasoned traditional Chinese pastries such as qingtuan (rice roll made from rice and Asiatic wormwood which is popular in China's Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces) for the Qing Ming Festival, rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival, Double Ninth cakes for the Double Ninth Festival and eight-treasure rice pudding (eight kinds of dried, candied fruits that represent eight precious stones) for the Spring Festival. Shanghai Wu Fang Zhai was recognized in 1993 as a "China Time-honored Brand." The new restaurant on Yunnan Road S. is in a five-story building of 1,000 square meters and is in early establishment phase. Small pork wonton, five color Double Ninth cakes, egg-yolk and fresh meat steamed rice dumplings and crab-based meals are feature dishes on the menu which also includes various types of Suzhoustyle noodles and a variety of Shanghai items.