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Green Valley

Add:1 Xiehe Rd

Tel:021-6209 5877

English Service Available


If you are an equestrian aficionados and eager to see the delicate poise and awesome power of jumping horses, if you are new to horsemanship and are inspired by the majestic gait of our equine friends, you may just want to take the reins yourself. If you’re looking to saddle up at a local equestrian club, look no further, because we found them for you. 


Located on Xiehe Road, Green Valley Horse-riding Club is established in 2015. The club features an international standard hurdle arena, an outdoor training course, an indoor dressage training course, horse breaking courses and speed tracks. The club has 24 horses from China’s Hong Kong, Australia and Europe, as well as a full-time staff of professional coaches, referees and veterinarians.

Besides, a cafe and a bar cater to hungry guests, and riders can relax and chat with friends.

Beginners can also sign up for a series of equestrian and dressage sessions. There are also basic, group, gold and full-access memberships available depending on how much time you want to devote to the sport. 

The club organizes riding camps for children, making the venue a good option for families. The club also emphasizes that their horses are as gentle as they are athletic, making them ideal for first-time riders.

“Besides learning the equestrian, we want to make people to feel the horses and make bound with them,” said Martine Wijkhuizen, leading coach of Green Valley.