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Hongkong Winning Seven Seafood Hotpot

Add: 3/F, 90 Shanxi Rd S.

Tel:021-5419 9509

Time:11am-2pm, 5pm-2am

Credit Cards Accepted


Hongkong Winning Seven Seafood Hotpot offers an elevated Cantonese hot pot experience with high-quality ingredients and a diverse range of base soups just in time for the coming winter. With the authentic Cantonese inner décor, the restaurant gives you the true feeling of Hongkong.

Diners can choose the best seller, butter chicken soup with fish maw. Many ladies often order fish maw, which is considered a natural supplement to increase skin radiance. The olds also like it because it has a rich and concentrated flavor and fine silky texture, suitable for older people suffering from indigestion or bad teeth. The broth takes more than eight hours to cook.

Seafood lovers can choose to add from imported sliced groupers, eel, Alaska crab, sea whelk, geoduck clam, lobster and shrimp. Other ingredients include sliced Wagyu beef, handmade shrimp or fish balls, mushrooms and organic vegetables. The meats are fresh and tender. The fatty part of the beef is tasty but not greasy. You can even throw in a range of dim sum staples, like prawn and truffle wonton


Hongkong Winning Seven Seafood Hotpot is a large, bustling place that’s perfect for families and large groups. And the waiters are ready to help you with the cooking process if you’re new to the hot pot experience.