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Add:6/F, 130 Beijing Rd E.

Tel:021-6308 7669

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Located in the historic Rockbund, The Nest is launching a new fall/winter menu to unveil a warm winter trip for gourmets in Shanghai. 

As a Gastro Lounge, the restaurant gives you a Nordic experience trip of food and feeling. Simple and modern interior decoration style which outlines the neat architectural shape provides guests a cozy experience. Stylish gray, European white and luxurious black, together with the texture of solid wood and fabric, create a new extension experience through visual and tactile feeling. In addition, the island-style bar counter in the center of the restaurant and its open kitchen on the right are inspired by the Nordic islands. When dining in The Nest, you can discover the truly modern and elegant Nordic space. Moreover, there are lounge area, a rooftop terrace and private VIP rooms.

Freddie Raoult, French Michelin chef with The Nest, is the soul of the restaurant. With multiple years of cooking experience with master craftsmanship, he will show you a modern Nordic cuisine. With the strong persistence for fresh ingredients and the great passion for wines, Raoult can magically transform the simplest ingredients and flavors into a culinary delight.

Inspired by the “farm-through table,” The Nest's fall / winter menu embodies the rustic, sophistic and thoughtful dish design concept. Starting with the Royal oyster which is reputed as “Oyster Queen” to go with homemade yogurt and caviar, you can have plump, tender, sweet and milk taste. Then try a sip of soft and smooth gray geese whiskey, you will definitely have a long last aftertaste.

As another popular appetizer, fresh squid is instantly steamed to lock its original freshness. To pair with squid juice, cream, seaweed, dill, lemon grass and kelp oil prepared sauce will show a green color, while offering you a fragrant, elastic, salty and appetizing taste.

Also, the carbon grilled beef marrow with herbal butter-like aromas mixed with the tender New Zealand deer heart meat is recommended. It is sprinkled with a small handful of celery sea salt, offering you a fragrant but not oily taste. The fresh, sweet and tender taste will gradually melt away at the top of your tongue.

One of the main courses, duck breast is grilled at low temperature to lock the internal juice.  Before being served to the table, it will be flame-roasted again to create a fragrance of pine branches and hay.  It tastes crispy outside while tender and juicy inside. To pair with homemade pickles and Italian wheat and corn meal will provide you with a delicious unimaginable temptation.

As for the desserts, chef’s signature rice made ice cream has a smooth and mild taste. It pairs with caramel as well as fresh and refreshing roasted plums to offer you fresh and sweet taste, just as clear and pure as the Nordic winter.

In addition to the culinary delights to satisfy the taste buds, The Nest's fall/ winter wine list is no small feat. The World-class senior bartenders has created a variety of carefully crafted cocktails, and each of them can find the delicate food to match with to ensure the perfect fusion of food and wine, bringing taste buds and senses a great joy.