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Balini of Indonesia’s Kapal api Group has created its coffee brand making it Indonesia’s largest and the world’s eighth largest coffee conglomerate. In Indonesia’s Tania Toraja, 1200 hectares of private coffee plantation are employed in which the one of a kind, Kalosi Toraja coffee been has been bred. 100 years of experience and craftsmanship have amassed to create the perfect taste of mellowness and purity. 

Kalosi is not the only pride of Balini as Indonesia has a more rare and prized possession. From the year 1700 until today, 400 years of war have allowed it to become known as a legend. 

Kalosi beans have special requirements regarding the environment in which they grow including only being able to grow at 1700 meters above sea level, being known as “equatorial jade” of the Toraja region. Throughout the world there only exists 1200 hectares of land that produce Kalosi, with every year there not being more than 3500 tons produced. 

Owing to the preciously valued Kalosi coffee bean, Kapal api Group meticulously picks and manages its processes. Modernization of machinery rapidly affects today’s modern life, throwing away the need for traditional craftsmanship, picking by hand, separating, lack of pollution, and a pure taste. 

In addition to this, in order to bring out Kalosi’ special flavor, a specially used small pot bakes the beans, exposing them evenly to heat and bringing out the rich aroma. 

Balini only employs a layered system in which the Kalosi beans are roasted within the past seven days, assuring customers that they are tasting the freshest taste of Indonesia. 

Stores have in stock Christmas and other holiday versions of products in order to set Balini apart. The winter “Snow Mountain Mocha” and “Ginger Bread Latte” are some of their available flavors. Their arrangements are clear and not limited to aroma and tastes but can also invigorate the spirit of Christmas by leaving the foam on the top of the drink on your upper lip, leaving you with looking similar to Santa Claus. Let’s take a look and try.

Snow Mountain Mocha

Using imported fresh milk compliments the natural cinnamon and classical Kalosi. This unique bark’s fragrance is present from beginning to end of the drink leaving a fine and delicate aftertaste. Chili powder and cinnamon adorn the drink aiding the cream to create a perfect taste and aroma that will invigorate every cell in one’s body. 

Gingerbread Latte

The fine Kalosi latte includes handmade, natural ginger candy; complimenting this is ginger bread pieces throughout the latte. Full of texture, this latte is a first rate choice for a winter day. 

Hand Crushed Kalosi

Only using first rate Kalosi beans, and water filtered through a three layer water purifier. Every drop of coffee emits the pure fragrance of tropical fruit, teasing ones taste buds. 

Local Hawaiian Coconut

Tropical fruit and coffee are the prefect combinations. The intensity of Kalosi latte mixed with the sweetness and all natural flavor or coconut create a fresh and gentle taste. The coconut flesh in the cup combines with the latte to give one the sensation he or she is on a Hawaiian beach. 

Kalosi Frappuccino 

This original creation has the flavor of a mild and smooth Frappuccino but is not in the same league as a common milkshake or smoothie. Complementing the iced coffee, the sweet taste on the tip of your tongue will leave a rich aftertaste lingering both in your mouth and your memory. 

Balini (Wanghangdu Road Store) 

Address: 1/F, 75 Wanghangdu Rd 

Tel: 5255-6852

Opening hours: 8am-10pm

Balini (Changning Raffles)

Address: No.9, 1/F, 1139 Changning Rd

Tel: 5299-7931

Opening hours: 8am-10pm (Monday to Friday) ; 10am-10pm (Saturday and Sunday)