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Xian De Lai

Add:40 Yunnan Rd S.

Tel:021-6326 1284


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Xian De Lai restaurant is like a Chinese KFC or McDonald's. But with a history of over 85 years, Xian De Lai has also been awarded a "China Time-honored Brand" title. It offers traditional Chinese snacks, especially local food including niangao (rice cakes), spring rolls and crab fish balls as well as various kinds of Shanghaistyle noodles. With an ordering style like the Western fast food chains, you can select food in front of the cashier from a menu of dishes hanging on the wall. This two-floor fast-service restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and the distinctively local pure afternoon tea and supper which may be a welcome respite from more Western equivalents. And it is really convenient and economic for busy people who can get the lunch set of a bowl of noodles, two kinds of snacks and a drink and spend no more than 12-25 yuan. Meanwhile, it's also very healthy.