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Xiao Jinling Boiled Salted Duck

Add:55 Yunnan Rd. S.

Tel:021-6328 3737


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It's not possible to talk about Nanjing snacks without mentioning the boiled salted duck. And if you want to experience authentic Nanjing-style snacks in Shanghai, Xiao Jinling should be on your list to visit. Jinling is the alternative name of Nanjing and this restaurant on Yunan Road S. is the first one in Shanghai. It sells pure salted duck-related products at very reasonable prices. The duck dishes here can be described as "fatty but not greasy" and the boiled salted duck (whole duck 23 yuan/500g, half duck without the head and tail 25 yuan/500g) and duck blood and vermicelli soup (8 yuan) are the most popular choices. The outlet is not very large with a seating capacity restricted to only 13 tables. Come with one or two friends in this chilly, cold winter period and spend less than a total of 50 yuan to enjoy salted duck with hot duck soup. Alternatively, there is the option to take home a meal for the family, but to do that you probably should join the long-queue outside.