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Yan Yun Lou Restaurant

Add:100 Yunnan Rd. S.

Tel:021-6328 9198


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Yan Yun Lou Restaurant was one of the first restaurants to sell Peking Roast Duck in Shanghai. The business, which has been around since 1921, combines traditional Beijing-style food with its own Shanghai twist, which is in the main that the ducks are leaner. The house specialty dish, the Peking Roast Duck, using duck bred along Bohai Bay in Shandong Province, comes as a set for 88 yuan. The restaurant in this area had its soft opening just before Christmas last year and has three other outlets in Shanghai. It covers 1,100 square meters across six floors, in which the first, second and sixth floors are for diners, the third floor is the kitchen and the rest are allocated for private functions. The restaurant attracts an even spread of Chinese and foreign diners.