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Add:4/F, Bldg 7, 652 Changshou Rd

Tel:021-5466 0907

Time:10am - 8:30pm


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Two socially conscious young Harvard graduate students, Marie So and Carol Chyau, founded Shokay in 2006 and set up shop on Taikang Road. As a socially responsible manufacturer, it has a collection of eco-friendly children's clothing, adult accessories and home decor products made from renewable resources such as bamboo and a new arrival to the global textile scene, natural, hand-combed yak down fiber. It is a soft, high-quality textile that until 2006 was an untapped resource. So and Chyau recognized early a use for yak down, the material that yaks naturally shed during the summer in the mountainous regions of western China. Purchasing raw fiber is a zero pollution activity and will help prevent problems such as overgrazing. They source yak down fiber from more than 2,000 nomadic herders in Qinghai Province and weave it into elegant children's clothes, throws, scarves and pillows. It enables Tibetan herders to plan a long-term sustainable living while preserving their traditions. Also, they're set up a knitting cooperative aimed at giving women more income opportunities.