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Add:47, Lane 248, Taikang Rd.

Tel:021-5465 9902


Credit Cards Accepted


Tucked away in a side alley, this restaurant specializes in udon noodles. The bamboo-decorated interior, exuding a sense of Zen, can hold about 20 people. Currently, there are 13 types of udon on the menu and 10 more will be added in coming weeks. Some are traditional, like Zaru udon, and some are novel, such as Kimchi udon. Noodles and soup are imported from Osaka for authentic taste. The Japanese owner said udon was regarded as healthy fast food in Japan and she wanted to promote the concept through Akurah. Besides udon, diners can also try grilled oyster, smoked salmon salad, and deep fried chicken, which are popular among patrons.