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Add:58 Panyu Rd

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This building situated unassumingly at an intersection should be by no means neglected. Previously a vacant watch factory, it was transformed into a one-of-a-kind architectural marvel through the fascinating design of well-known Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. His influence resulted from Zhongtai Lighting Group, a domestic lighting company, wanting to build the best commercial outlet in China. Kuma's design won against many other bids with his "dialogue" theme - the structure was aimed at a dialogue with the environment, comprising a green, plant-filled facade, a water lobby and a waterfall. The name Z58 is derived from the first letter of the company's name and the number in its address. As explained by the architect, Z58 is intended to pay homage to light, acting as a laboratory to examine the relationship between buildings and light, and demonstrate the various, sometimes magical, phenomenon of light.