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Vongu\'s lacquer ware

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From the Chinese practice of lacquering objects more than 4,000 years ago, Asian lacquer ware is well-known to art collectors around the world. At Vongu, modern and stylish design and mysterious Eastern techniques have yielded great results. A wide collection of hand-made lacquer ware, including jewelry boxes, lamps, candle holders, tableware and lacquer painting, is displayed in the 200-square-meter showroom. The very fine lacquer products are made from natural materials such as wood, eggshell, porcelain, and horn, through 24 steps of applying lacquer and hand burnishing. Top French designer with Vongu, Jacques Blanchard, has continued to create lacquer furniture and decorative objects which are the result of aesthetics and functionality. The small items, such as chopsticks and forks, are priced from 84 yuan but the lacquer furniture is the most expensive and ranges up to more than 60,000 yuan.