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Jin Jiang Hotel

Add:59 Maoming Rd S.

Tel:021-3218 9888


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One of the best-located accommodation venues in the city, Jin Jiang Hotel complex overlooks 10,000 square meters of gardens and includes three major edifices: the lavish Grosvenor Mansions, the historic Cathay Mansions and the modern Cathay Garden executive wing.

The Cathay Land Company, owned by Sir Victor Sassoon, who had built the landmark Cathay Hotel on the Bund and many other major properties in Shanghai, commissioned the British firm Arnhold & Company to build Cathay Mansions in 1929. The construction was the city's tallest at the time and became a popular address for the rich and famous of the era. 

Grosvenor Mansions, another luxurious 18-story building in the Jin Jiang Hotel, features high ceilings, gorgeous lamps and polished parquet floors. It was a remarkable piece of Palmer & Turner architecture built in 1935, with significant art deco embellishments. 

Its 18 story center block has 13 stories in each wing. After 1949, Jin Jiang Hotel is also remembered as the location for the signing in 1972 of the Shanghai Communique by former US President Richard Nixon and China's former Premier Zhou Enlai, leading to the eventual normalization of Sino-US relations. With its many facets, flavors and features, Jin Jiang Hotel is a reminder of what a truly "grand" hotel was and, some would argue, should continue to be, even today.