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The Chinoise Story

Add:59 Maoming Rd. S.

Tel:021-6445 1717


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Opened in 2006, this Chinese-style restaurant is mainly focused on modern Shanghai and Guangdong food. The chef claims that every dish is a "work of art" because of the quality of ingredients, special cooking methods and superior presentation. This kind of Chinese food combined with a Western style highlights the succulent advantages of both cuisines. Double Boiled Lion's Head with Crab Meat (36 yuan), the Magnificent Duo of Oatmeal and Wasabi Mayo Prawns (60 yuan), and Slow-cooked Shark's Fin with Jinhua Ham (250 yuan) are among the venue's "must try" dishes. Apart from all the fine food, the design and decor of the restaurant is a standout, reflecting the owner's focus on creating an elegant, comfortable and fashionable dining experience, thanks to the decorating influence of the respected Japanese designer Myu. The finer detail of the two-story restaurant reveals many unique touches, such as precious books, lighting created by well-known designers and stylish table settings. It enables not only a unique dining experience with good food, but also a complete night of luxurious comfort.