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The Zhenliu Mansion

Add:699-731 Huashan Rd

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The Zhenliu Mansion at 699-731 Huashan Road is a famous building in Shanghai because of its top-grade facilities and its celebrity clientele. With a swimming pool in the basement, elevators and a reception desk in the lobby, the mansion was considered in the 1930s one of Shanghai's best apartment addresses. Zhenliu is a word from a Chinese poem meaning "beside a brook," so the complex was also called "Brookside Apartments." In the book "Right Here Shanghai: A Map of the Life of Eileen Chang," the apartments are described as a British-style house with a British-style elevator. "Windows are small; maybe the designers were still thinking of the heavy fog in London without sunshine," it said. China's famous singer-actress Zhou Xuan (pictured right) lived there from 1932 until she died in 1957. Apart from the "Golden Voice," nearly 20 celebrity residents in the apartment included the former Editorin-Chief of Wenhui Daily Xu Zhucheng and Yueju Opera masters Fu Quanxiang, Fan Ruijuan and Wang Wenjuan. The apartment was built in 1930 and later bought by thefamily of Li Hongzhang, prime minster of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), along with Dingxiang Garden for use as their private property. The building is now listed among Shanghai's excellent heritage buildings.