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Some of the most stylish children's wear in town is located at ChouChou Chic, a boutique where you can find quintessential, understated kiddie elegance from the seasonal fashions for girls and boys. The founder, Christine Lai, and her French partner were classmates in Sciences Po Paris and both are young mothers. They initially wanted to introduce the concept of a "children's wear boutique" in Shanghai, where there is an abundance of stylish boutiques for adults but very few catering specifically for children.They believed that a kind of "alternative children's wear" would attract young parents whose modern lifestyle includes Western cultural influences. Whimsical and unique, ChouChou Chic's clothes run from toddlers to 10-year-olds. They incorporate the spirit of French design with certain Oriental preferences, and you can see from the collections a combination of creativity, freshness and simplicity. One of their specialties is pure cashmere children's knitted wear. Although they promote this collection as a "little tender luxury," the price range from 250 yuan to 550 yuan (according to size) is well affordable for most middle-class parents. Their stylish summer collection is around the range of 100 yuan to 160 yuan. "Our objective is to have a Bonpoint look but at H&M prices," Lai said.