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Longwu Kungfu Center

Add:1 Maoming Rd S.

Tel:021-6287 1528

Time:Mon-Fri, 1pm-9pm; Sat-Sun, 10am-9pm


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Get acquainted with traditional martial arts at the Longwu Kungfu Center, one of Shanghai's best-known martial arts training facilities. With over a decade of history, the studio moved to its current location at Maoming Road N. from Shaanxi Road about four years ago. The center offers a variety of classes that teach different styles of kungfu such as its namesake longwu kungfu, wu shu, tai chi, and wing chun (made popular by Bruce Lee and Ip Man films). The practice of martial arts is a window to understanding China and its rich heritage, as the activity is an integral part of Chinese culture. With over 70 percent of students being foreigners, most classes are conducted in English by the studio's stable of experienced instructors. Yoga classes are also available at the center, which charges 1,500 yuan for a three month membership. Within this period, members are free to attend any of the classes conducted at the center, which operates daily.