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Cao Li

Add:Lane 181, 1 Wuyuan Rd

Tel:021-6431 5236



The first restaurant in Shanghai to offer Korean BBQ has managed during its 20-year existence to remain low-key despite its popularity. A best-kept secret tucked away in an alley along Wuyuan Road, the only hint giving away its presence is a nondescript signboard. The house special is its BBQ where a bronze hot plate is used for cooking. As the meat gets grilled on the center of the plate, the juices flow to the sides where the vegetables and noodles simmer in water that's regularly replenished. A special thick sauce is provided to go with the meat; for the more adventurous, ask for some spicy sauce. The menu is jam-packed with a wide selection of meats (20-40 yuan) and sides (1-8 yuan) for the BBQ, but be sure to order some kimchi (5-25 yuan) and snacks. Among the must-try dishes are Korean rice cake (chaoxian dagao, 16 yuan) and fried chive cake (congyoubing, 18 yuan), the latter which uses a light batter that's fluffier than those sold elsewhere. The decor of the two-story restaurant may be plain and unassuming, but that gives a homely feel to the place which is frequented by many regulars. A truly authentic Korean dining experience, the long opening hours also make it an ideal place for late night hunger pangs.