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Art Deco Garden Café & Bar

Add:No. 3 Building, Ruijin Hotel, 118 Ruijin No. 2 Road

Tel:021-6472 5222-3006


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


An oasis of calm nestled in the heart of the busy street, this cafe bar within the cloistered walls of Ruijin Hotel offers visitors some peaceful respite. Art Deco Garden Café & Bar is housed in one of the beautiful French-styled houses in the compound, with long bay windows that look out onto sprawling greenery. Enjoy a languid summer afternoon on the patio outside with a cup of tea against the backdrop of verdant gardens. Light bistro meals are provided in the day like sandwiches (30 yuan), cakes (25 yuan) and wonton soup (30 yuan), as well as small snacks like popcorn, nuts and cookies. A more extensive menu is available for drinks, which cost between 30 yuan for group coffee to 45 yuan for English floral tea. By night, the bar is an ideal place for conversation over drinks with friends.