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Irresistable C.Lee loud, cheery

Add:208 Nanchang Rd

Tel:021-5382 1506


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The hippie rainbow hues of this shop make it a near impossible task to resist its lure. Before you step inside, there is a garden table and benches set up in front for customers to sit and enjoy afternoon tea or small snacks for free. Inside, the clothes are as loud and cheery as its decor. There is a mix of Asian style fashions from Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, and the exaggerated styles are especially appropriate for themed parties. Clothes range from 200 yuan to 1,500 yuan, and various accessories like scarves, necklaces or hairpieces cost between 100 yuan to 400 yuan. C.Lee also carries random interesting items like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn cushions (350 yuan). There is usually only one piece per item, unless they come in different colors, so be sure to buy something you like before it gets snapped up by someone else.