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The burst of color from the art sold in this shop beckons through its windows, and the walls inside are filled with row after row of Pureland's signature ceramic paintings. All created by hand, the paintings, done on tiles, are mostly an intriguing mix of modern and traditional Asian cultural elements. Each piece is painted manually with a range of glazes and then fired in a kiln at high temperatures. The end result is that these ceramics are easy to keep clean, the colors won't fade, and the thickness of the tiles makes them less likely to shatter too easily. The tiles come in various shapes and sizes, from 6x6 centimeters fridge  magnets (20 yuan) to 15x15 centimeters frames (50-70 yuan, or 200 yuan for four) to 40x40 centimeters wall art (200-350 yuan), leaving one spoilt for choice. Apart from using the painted ceramic tiles as wall décor, there is also the option of buying benches, tables, chests and even window frames featuring your choice of ceramic painting. The furniture can be customized, whether by material, color or size. Smaller home accessories like trays and lacquer boxes are also available.