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Shanghai Natatorium

Add:1300 Zhongshan Rd S2, near Tianyaoqiao Rd.

Tel:021-6481 4303





Shanghai Natatorium in downtown Xujiahui area has been featured in “History of World Architecture” for its outstanding design. It is liked by swimmers for its high hygiene standard and water quality. It has two pools, one for professional competition, and the other for children.

There are a total of four pools in this place, but only two are open to the public. Amongst which, one is a wading pool and the other is a pool measuring 25m by 50m. Currently there is no health card prerequisite. But from 1 June 2008 onwards, patrons are expected to purchase a health card of 5 yuan and have an on-site medical check up before entering the pool. Tickets: 35 yuan (7am-12pm), 40 yuan (12-9:30pm).Half price for kids under 1.3m.

Tickets: 40 yuan. Half price for kids under 1.3m
Transport: Metro Line 11 to Shanghai Natatorium Station