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140sqm Gallery

Add:Rm 26, 2/F , 1331 Fuxing Rd M.

Tel:021-6431 6216

Time:11am - 7pm (closed on Mondays)


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Trudging through the narrow and dingy stairway up to the gallery, the bright white door that greets you isn't quite what you would expect. Housed within the dark, almost ominous walls of the historic Blackstone Apartments building, the 140-square-meter Gallery, with its spacious, sparsely decorated and pristine white interior, conveys a relief exactly opposite to the host mansion. Opened since 2007, the gallery showcases both local and international contemporary art and organizes new displays every two months. The current show is La Vie which features paintings based on artists' musings on life. From woodblock prints to oil on canvas works, most of the artworks carry price tags of around 30,000 yuan.