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Liu Haisu's Residence

Add:512 Fuxing Rd M.

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No. 512 is the former residence of Liu Haisu (1896-1994), a great Chinese painter and teacher who combined traditional Chinese techniques with European methods for revolutionizing art education in China. Liu excelled in oil painting, traditional Chinese painting and played a significant role in the world of Chinese fine art for nearly seven decades. In 1912, together with Wu Shiguang and Zhang Yunguang, he founded the first school of fine arts in China, Shanghai Academy of Chinese Painting, the former Shanghai School of Fine Arts. In the history of art education in China, Liu created several firsts. In the school, Liu opened the first course to use live models in China, which raised a huge controversy. In 1919, he recruited female students, making Shanghai Academy of Chinese Painting the first to take in both male and female students. In 1995, a national art museum in Shanghai was opened and named after Liu in order to provide high-standard exhibitions and international cultural exchange. Most of the collections in the museum are artworks donated by Liu, including his lifetime collection of ancient masters' paintings and calligraphies and his most representative oil paintings, traditional Chinese art works.