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My Way

Add:392 Xiangyang Rd S.

Tel:021-6466 8532


English Service Available


The scent of incense and soothing melodies waft through My Way, a downtown boutique filled with ethnic treasure from Southeast Asia. With paper lampshades dangling from the ceilings, dyed hangings and tapestries from Nepal and India covering the walls, the shop feels like a stop on the hippie trail. Owner Gu Jiangang, who opened the store in 2004, has stocked it with ethnic artifacts, textiles and accessories from his travels in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal. It is filled with a jumble of eye-catching clothing in bright colors and natural fabrics and jewelry in vogue with Shanghai's jeunesse d'oree. And even if the head-to-toe hippie look is too much, some of the pieces designed by the owner will brighten and enliven any outfit. Here, visitors can enjoy the photographs on the walls, pick their favorite pieces and perhaps plan their own trip to this fascinating region. My Way will open its second shop very soon on Wukang Road, opposite Ferguson Lane.