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Blue Palace Hotel

Add:125 Bole Rd S. near Shugou Rd

Tel:021-5916 1000



Shanghai Automobile Industry Activities Center (Blue Palace Hotel) was invested by Shanghai Automobile group and has been built up to a 4 star ratings. Its area is over 20,000 square meters.

Blue Palace Hotel contains 202 standard rooms and all kinds of luxurious suites in total. There are facilities as the restaurant, bar, shopping center, meeting room, dancing hall, sauna room, billiard hall, court, table tennis room, swimming pool, gymnasium, etc. are all available which can meet all kinds of needs such as guest accommodation, food and beverage, amusement, commercial affair, meeting affairs, etc.

An advanced wireless to surf the Net with broadband system makes guest enjoy modern communication convenient furthermore. And keep with the connections from all parts of the world at any time, which becoming various circles of society with commercial affair, meeting affairs activity and foreign guest spend holidays, first-selection that traders live in. The hotel has conference halls of different specifications.

Function room of 460 square meters among them, So far it is the largest one in Jiading that there has a conference hall. which can hold 400 people and have a meeting from side to side. And it can separate diversified forms of associations according to the need, in order to meet all kinds of meetings and banquets’ needs.

The outfield of the hotel, has grass looks like a carpet, the flowers are compete openly in four seasons, the afforesting rate is more than 40 pct. The spacious parking area can hold more than 200 cars to park. The squares of more than 300 square meters can hold diversified forms of open-air activities.

Blue Palace Hotel is located in south gate exit of Hujia expressway. It is next to Shanghai F1 Circuit, Qiuxia garden, Ancient Yi garden, Confucian Temple and, etc. is close at hand. The geographical position is superior, easily accessible.