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Donghu Department Hotel

Add:619 Honggu Rd

Tel:021-6270 5858



Donghu Hotel is a four-star villa-style hotel in Shanghai with a long history. The hotel is an entity of Shanghai Donghu (Group) Co. The hotel is located on the north eastern part of Xuhui district , and bordering Huaihaizhong Street, a bustling street of malls and specialty shops. Sitting on a total land area of 33mu, including a park of 11000 square meter, the Donghu Hotel is a rare sight in Shanghai. The total built up area of 23,000 square kilometer is made up of 7 different buildings each with it own history and flavor. Originally built in 1934 as the residence of Mr. Du Yueshen, a then renowned tycoon, Building 1 and 2 are two 5-storey building with link walkways. During the years, these building were used by Banque Franeo-China, then by the Communication Bank and finally as the United States Consulate before becoming a part of Donghu Hotel. In 1940, Building 3 was erected as a four-storey apartment building housing 8 units of 3 bedroom suites. Building 4 and 5 were constructed in 1930s also as 4 storey apartment blocks. The grandest and most historical of all Donghu Hotel structure is Building 7. A French style three storey residence built in 1925 as the residence of a banker showcase the lavish lifestyle of the rich in Shanghai. During the 50s, this building was the commercial affairs office of the Soviet Union.