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New Garden Hotel Jin Jiang

Add:1900 Hongqiao Rd

Tel:021-6242 6688



The New Garden Hotel is conveniently located on HongQiao Road, one of the Shanghai's main thoroughfares, near HongQiao International Airport and both HongQiao Development Area and Gubei New Estate. The Shanghai Mart International Exhibition Center is nearby, as is the Middle Ring Elevated Highway to the west, and the West Yan'An elevated highway to the south. The Hotel and grounds cover about 3.5 hectares, making it both spacious and allowing for 150 car parking spaces. The property features a peaceful and elegant courtyard style - architecturally characteristic of the South Yangtze River in China. The New Garden Hotel is well furnished and has a variety of standard rooms and suites, in addition to twelve stylish villas. Dishes offered in the hotel restaurant include various schools of cuisines of the country, most notably Shanghai cuisine. In particular, the hotel's Royal Therapy' traditional Chinese medicine dishes are unique in color, flavor, taste and shape, in accordance with the current vogue of incorporating therapy into gourmet cooking in Shanghai.