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Rondo Art Studio

Add:1/F, 185 Wulumuqi Rd S.

Tel:021-6437 3922



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Rondo Art Studio  has a spiritual feel with its combination of Buddhas peering out from large artworks on wall partitions and the soft, aromatic scent of incense that wafts from the back of the room. The items in the gallery are a showcase of Chinese culture, reinterpreted by various artists and designers. There are mural paintings, gilding art, sculptures and furniture, most of which have a strong Buddhist theme. Thangka, an embroidered Buddhist banner, and Tibetan Dzi, beads believed to possess the power to bring about positive influences like protection and prosperity, are also available for sale. Even if you're not a believer, the gallery is still a good place to appreciate Buddhist art and scriptures.