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Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

Add:399 Bocheng Rd

Tel:021-6105 2121

Time:10am-6pm (closed on Mondays)




Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum is sponsored and funded by the China Minsheng Banking Corporation, which is an non-profit organization mainly establishing varies types of activities that engaged in art. It is also the first public welfare organization in context of financial institutions in Mainland China. 

With an international perspective, closely reflecting the trend and the status of Chinese contemporary art, and actively promoting the communication and cooperation between Chinese contemporary art and international cutting-edge art.  Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum will collect and exhibit the outstanding artworks from both in and out of China; also, it promotes different forms of international communications to support the academic research. 

Meanwhile, Minsheng Art Museum will conduct multiple forms of education programs of art and aesthetic to the public.

In addition, Shanghai Minsheng art museum also provide report room, VIP room, literature-based reading room, art book shop and cafe for visitors to enjoy their spare time. Overall speaking, all the visitors will be provided the most user-friendly convenience and plenty of art education resources.