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Jinshan City Beach

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In Shanghai, hitting the beach usually means Jinshan City Beach in suburban Jinshan District, situated in the city's southwest just to the north of Hangzhou Bay. The district was honored as a "National Garden City" in 2002 and one of the "Top 10 Green Districts" in 2003.

The beach, following three years of construction, has become a top destination for urban residents in summer. Last year, more than 1.5 million people visited the beach, including 630,000 between July and September. In 2007, the beachfront got an extensive face-lift with the construction of a 3.3 kilometer-long, 5.4 meter-high dam to enclose 1.5-square-kilometers of sea and ensure a golden beach and clean water.

A large children’s zone was launched this summer. New rides such as a pirate ship and giant swings will also open. Day-trippers will still be able to hire a yacht or motor boat and go fishing. Another 10,000 tons of sand has been added, as have wooden beach chairs to make things more comfortable.

Electronic ticket checks were adopted at the entrance for the first time this summer. Of course, the operation of such a large, busy beach requires strong safety precautions. An electronic monitoring system has also been set up so that if an emergency occurs, rescuers will be alerted immediately.

Experts released 100,000 fish, shrimp and shellfish near replicas of coral reefs and shipwrecks in the enclosure. They introduced a large amount of seaweed, which can help absorb heavy metal pollutants.

Visibility in the water along the 2.5km beach coastline is now 6m, which meets the national standard. It also opens up possibilities for scuba divers. Early in 2008, the construction of the beachfront shopping street was completed and it opened to the public in summer.

A seafood town and market -- offering fresh seafood from up and down China's coast -- will be opened at Jinshan City Beach for the World Expo 2010. Covering 3.36 hectares at the intersection of Tingwei and Huhang roads, the town is set to become the city's biggest seafood market, with a total investment of 250 million yuan (US$36.8 million).

The seafood town will become a high-end marine business and recreation area offering dining, beach tourism and Hangzhou Bay cruising. It's expected to be a hot destination for visitors to Expo Shanghai. The town will offer fresh seafood from Qingdao, Shandong Province; Dalian, Liaoning Province; Ningbo, Zhejiang Province; and other coastal cities.

An area of 2 hectares near the beach will become the site of a five-star yacht club and hotel with an investment of 600 million yuan. For more "beach fun" at the man-made beach, the Jinshan Coastline Development Management Committee plans to set up more amusement park rides, including a Ferris wheel. A gallery featuring local sea legends will be built.

The 120,000sqm standard parking lot at the eastern entry of the beach can house 430 cars and 30 buses. From 2008, all the vehicles coming to the beach will have to park there. Cars will be charged at 4 yuan (58 US cents) per hour while buses will pay 5 yuan per hour. The 1,100sqm bathhouse at the northern beach area can accommodate more than 3,500 people. Clean public toilets are available in the service center in the east as well as in the middle and west of the beach. The admission is free.