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Shi Liangcai's Graceful Villa

Add:257 Tongren Rd

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Built in 1922, the 2,494-square-meter graceful French-style villa at No. 257 once belonged to Shi Liangcai, who was owner and chief editor of Shen Bao, one of the most influential daily newspapers published in Shanghai at the time. The striking mansard roof, two-story carriage porte cochere, and French country-style windows and corridors reflect Shi's inimitable taste as a Shanghai newspaper magnate. Shi was born in 1880 to a merchant family but, in 1912, the 32-year-old bought Shen Bao, considered to be a moderately liberal newspaper, from Xi Zipei. In the 1930s, Shi was a strong supporter of the Human Rights Defence Alliance established by Madam Soong Qing Ling, the second wife of revolutionary leader Dr Sun Yat-sen, with Cai Yuanpei and Lu Xun. In 1934, on his way home to Shanghai from Hangzhou, he was assassinated by Kuomintang agents. He had lived in the property from 1922 until his violent demise at the age of 54.