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BronzeBodies Tanning Studio

Add:1FB, Silver Block, Jiu An Plaza, 258 Tongren Rd

Tel:021-6247 7377


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Tanning has been for years associated with beauty and health and the desire for glowing skin increases as the temperature heats up. Turning to tanning salons to develop an artificial tan has been popular in the city for both expats and Chinese. Ivan Lam opened one of the first tanning clubs in the city, BronzeBodies Tanning Studio, on Tongren Road five years ago, offering premium tanning sessions by MegaSun tanning beds, a leading German-based manufacturer. Any visit always begins with an assessment of the client's skin type and based on the colors of the skin, hair and eyes. Tanning sessions (10-12 minutes) are charged at 90 yuan to 105 yuan depending on different machines used.