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Xinhua Garden Hotel

Add:179 Xinhua Road

Tel:021-6282 2299

Time:24 hours

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Among the many European villas that adorn this street, the Xinhua Garden Hotel is a beautifully preserved German villa converted into a hotel. Built in 1925, the villa was originally the private residence of a German expat before becoming state property during World War II. Ironically, it served as a police station before it was renovated into the present boutique hotel in October last year. It is three stories high and built from a combination of wood and brick, covered by a marvelous red-tiled roof, and with a large, squared garden courtyard. The hotel offers 14 executive suites, one of which has an outdoor patio and a slanted rooftop window. There are three banquet rooms and 24-hour room service that offers both Chinese Huaiyang and Western cuisine. The Xinhua Garden Hotel serves a rather loyal base of customers from all parts of Europe and China.