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Talk English

Add:580 Xinhua Rd

Tel:021-5258 3741

Time:Mon-Fri, 10am-9pm; Sat-Sun, 1pm-7pm


English Service Available


In 2005, the Talk Group launched its Talk English language training center in Shanghai. After nearly five years, it has gradually developed its own creative way of teaching, composed of learner-directed settings, online study and interactive activity-based language education. The center claims to provide "the most complete English learning environment." This simulates how natural language acquisition occurs, a method that works without pressure and is supportive of students' different progress levels. Students get to experience various actual speaking circumstances, such as visiting a medical center, going to the gym and sharing a meal with native English speakers. By learning, imitating and repeating, students become familiar with the most practical uses of English, and also develop a fuller appreciation of Western habits and lifestyle.